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Hakusan Raicho-so Facility Guide

♦ Hakusan Raicho-so Reservations

Hakusann Raicho-so

Exterior of Hakusan Raicho-so

Reservations are required for Hakusan Murodo and Hakusan-Raicho-so throughout the season.
Check here for availability at Hakusan Raicho-so (Japanese only)

♦ Hakusan Raicho-so
   Accomodation Guide

Capacity: 6 rooms 21guests (private rooms, no fire permitted, no cooking facilities)

Open period in 2014

Summer: July 1- August 31
Autumn: September – October 13

Lights-out time

Summertime 8:30 PM
Autumn: 8:00 PM

First floor of Hakusan Raicho-so (Shared space)

-Pay toilets (men/women)
-Coin-operated shower (2)
-Lounge (1)
 TV, massage chairs, internet
-Clothes drying room (1)

Second floor of Hakusan Raicho-so (3 rooms) with TV and heater

-Three 4.5-mat rooms (accommodates 3 guests)
-Three 6-mat rooms (accommodates 4 guests)

♦ Hakusan Raicho-so Accomodation Rates (as of March 2013)

Note: Rates are for one nights with 2 meals (inclusive of fees for sheets, toilet and coin-operated shower)

Adults and junior high school students and under Rates
4.5-mat room (3 guests) 37,600 yen
6-mat room (4 guests) 50,200 yen

*The above rates are inclusive of fee for sheets, toilets and coin-operated showers.
Toilets and coin-operated showers may not be available, in which case relevant fees will be deduced from above rates.
*Guests who are interested in staying at Hakusan Raicho-so are asked to pay a deposit of 10,000 yen to the account below. Please note that bank transfer fees should be borne by the guest. Reservations may be subject to cancellation fees. Please check with your attendant for charges.

Meal rates (as of March 2014)

-Dinner: 1,700 yen –Breakfast: 1,100 yen –Packed lunch: 1,100 yen (July 1- October 13)

♦ Deposits should be paid to the following account:

Japan Post Bank Postal transfer: 00700-2-94832

<Account holder’s name>

  Hakusan Kanko Kyokai
From other banks to Japan Post Bank Branch name: 079 Checking account 0094832

*Please notify us in advance or by sending a message with your deposit if the name of the guest and the account holder are different.
This postal account is used for deposits only.
Guests are asked to pay the balance in cash directly to the lodge.