Hakusan (NationalPark) Mountain Climing Information

Hakusan Murodo

Hakusan Raicho-so


Hakusan Murodo Facility Guide

Hakusann Murodo

Hakusan Murodo Visitor Center

The Hakusan Murodo Visitor Center was renovated in 2002.
Located at 2,450 meters above sea level, Hakusan Murodo is a major base for climbing Hakusan mountain.
Each lodging facility is equipped with a drying room for drying wet clothes and outside toilets (pit toilets and low-flush toilets (guests are asked not to flush paper)).

♦ Hakusan Murodo Reservations

Reservations are required throughout the season at Hakusan Murodo and Raicho-so.
Check availability at Hakusan Murodo

Hakusan Murodo is open from May 1 to October 15, but often fully booked on Saturdays and on days before holidays.
Visitors are advised to book as soon as travel plans are made to avoid disappointment.
Reservations can be made for the entire season from April 1 at 9:00 AM.
Waiting lists for rooms are unfortunately unavailable and reservations cannot be accepted for fully-booked dates.
(Hakusan Murodo Reservation Center Phone: +81-76-273-1001 [Japanese Only])

♦ Hakusan Murodo Facility Guide

Capacity: 750 people (Gozen-so, Kozakura-so, Kuroyuri-so, Hakusan-so)

Open period in 2014

Spring: May 1 – June 30 (bed without meals)
Summer: July 1- August 31 (bed with meals) *meals available from dinner on June 30
Autumn: September 1 – October 15 (bed with meals)

Lights-out time

Summertime 8:30 PM
Autumn: 8:00 PM

♦ Hakusan Murodo Accomodation Rates

(as of April 2014)

  Adult Junior high schoolstudent and under
Accommodation rates 5,300 yen (bed only) 3,600 yen (bed only)
Dinner 1,700yen
Breakfast 1,100yen
Lunch box 1,100yen