Hakusan (NationalPark) Mountain Climing Information

Hakusan Murodo

Hakusan Raicho-so


Outline of Mountain Trail


As a general rule, you climb mountains at your own risk.Mountain weather can change quickly, and when the weather is bad, conditions can be very dangerous. If the weather is bad, the best decision is to cancel your plans for mountain climbing.


Get into physical shape, and select a schedule and course that best suits your physical condition. The general rule is to leave early and arrive early. When planning to stay the night, plan to arrive at the lodging area two hours before sunset.Climbing at night is extremely dangerous; do not do this.


Be sure to carry rain gear, protection against the cold, a change of clothes, and emergency rations.


Always inform family and friends of your hiking schedule and course. Also be sure to fill out the Registration Books at the start of each trailhead.

Clothing for Mountain Climbing

Clothing for Mountain Climbing


The Natural Parks Act absolutely forbids collecting or bringing animals, plants or rocks from or into Hakusan National Park.


In order to protect the vegetation, prevent damage to the mountain and prevent you from being lost, be sure not to stray off the marked trails.


If hiking alone, attach bells or other noise-making items to your gear, and watch carefully for bears. Do not take dogs or other pets on the mountain.


Every year, the mountain is very crowded on weekends from the end of July to mid-August. For the best climbing experience, if at all possible, make a climbing plan that avoids these times.

I'll stay at home!


When climbing in spring or autumn, conditions can be as dangerous as climbing in winter, so be very aware of the weather and pack warm clothing and the right equipment.


There are no garbage cans on Mt.Hakusan. Do not throw your garbage away. Always pack it out and take it home.


Do not discard cigarette butts on the ground.


Do not bring bicycles or other wheeled vehicles on mountain trails.


The only camping facility is located on Minamiryugababa.

Hakusan Tourism Association, Hakusan City, Ishikawa Prefecture
(Created March 2012)